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Smartwash Essentials

Smartwash Essentials

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Product Description

Smartwash Essentials is the smartest way to clean your floors. It’s seriously strong and has an intuitive design that deep cleans then allows you to get back to your carpets faster than a traditional carpet washer. Simply push forward to wash and pull back to dry or use the Dry Only Mode coupled with HeatForce™ Technology that aids in drying your clean carpets quickly. Its capabilities reach beyond floors, thanks to its 8ft extension hose and upholstery tool with a Low-Profile Nozzle that lets you effortlessly reach and clean those narrow, tight spots. Dual tanks keep you dirty and clean water separate, giving you the cleanest solution at each pass. The included Pet Clean Packs are perfectly measured to use enzymatic cleaning ingredients to break down pet messes while deodorizing your carpets. End with a hassle-free, one-step removeable nozzle to ensure a clean machine after each use.

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