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Model #:AH30903CA

Aerosol Stain Remover 15 oz.

Aerosol Stain Remover 15 oz.

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Product Description

For keeping your carpets and rugs free of stains and looking good as new you'll want Hoover®'s Max Strength Deep Stain Remover. This tough stain remover attacks and breaks down both old and new stains for easy cleanup. Our Deep Stain Remover tackles tough messes including coffee, wine, food spills, motor oil and more. And not only does it work on carpets and rugs, it removes stains from upholstery so you can take care of your furniture, too!

Product Highlights

  • Max strength deep stain remover
  • Targeted spray action
  • Best for stains like red wine, coffee, oil makeup and pet messes
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