Simple Way to Freshen Up the Garbage Disposal


Simple Way to Freshen Up the Garbage Disposal


Has your garbage disposal seen - or smelled - better days? Keeping up with the surface of the sink itself is easy enough, but sometimes the odors from deep down inside the sink can become a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, there's a super quick and easy kitchen hack to take care of a stinky disposal.

Our favorite way to freshen up a garbage disposal is with citrus. Pick your favorite, or whatever is convenient - lemons, limes, grapefruits, or oranges - cut and peel it, then drop the peels down the disposal. Not only will the citrus peels give a wonderfully fresh smell, but the roughness of the peels itself will help clean the blades and wall as the garbage disposal runs.


No fruit on hand, or not a fan? Stop the sink drain and fill the basin with a solution of water and either dish soap or vinegar. With the basin about halfway full of that mixture, unstop the sink drain and run the garbage disposal. The garbage disposal will propel the water and vinegar (or dish soap) solution as it drains, getting into tight nooks and crannies you can't see but can definitely smell.


While these methods are super easy, its better to keep it clear of gunk and debris on a regular basis. Routine flushing of your garbage disposal is as easy as running it while running hot water down the drain. Do this for about a minute after each time you use the disposal, and you're golden.