Practical Magic: 3 Fresh Cut Pieces of Dadvice for your Everyday Dilemmas

Practical Magic: 3 Fresh Cut Pieces of Dadvice for your Everyday Dilemmas

It’s time to talk in practical terms. Dads have many layers, but the one that stands out the strongest is their sixth sense for advice, or Dadvice which is defined as “guidance or recommendations concerning future trivial actions.” When their “I love you” sounds more like “when was the last time you changed your car’s oil?” or affection looks more like a casual inspection of your house, you know you have a powerhouse of valuable knowledge closeby. For the ultimate reminder in the family, now is the perfect time to remind him that you appreciate those fresh cut pieces of advice he freely gives no matter the occasion.

Here are a few familiar reminders of Dad’s wealth of knowledge and the right tools to turn to make him proud:

Dilemma: My vacuum isn’t working like it normally does.
Dadvice: Change the filter.

Did you know that cleaning your vacuum filter can actually help it function better? Just like a shower can help you feel and function at your best, changing out or simply running your rinsable filter under water can improve your unit’s suction. It’s important to address the filter first because it serves as the first line of defense against clogging. If it is congested with pet hair and dust, it’s less effective. Remember things that clean need cleaning too (even if it is a HEPA filter) and changing the filter on your vacuum is a form of self-care that is often forgettable. A filter refresh should be a routine reflex for your home, like changing a lightbulb or replacing your air filter. Your appliances, vacuum and Dad figure included, will thank you.

Dilemma: My cordless vacuum always runs out of juice when I’m cleaning.
Dadvice: Always have a backup battery.

Boy Scout or not, it pays to be prepared. The most appealing part of a cordless vacuum is obviously the freedom of going wherever the mess takes you, but the runner up benefit would have to be the ONEPWR lithium battery is a removable, replaceable battery that offers virtually limitless backup power for a variety of cleaning tools. Mine is typically ready and waiting for me at the charging station. If the red light is blinking on your ONEPWR Evolve Cordless Upright or Dust Chaser Cordless Handheld, simply pop in a fresh battery. Dad would liken this nugget of truth to having back up batteries on hand for your utility flashlight, in case of an actual emergency. Having a backup across the board, batteries, tires, or clothes is a mature must.

Dilemma: I just mowed the lawn but it doesn’t look well-maintained like my neighbor.
Dadvice: Clean up your clippings.

Fresh cut grass is a summertime wonder. Leaving the clippings all over the sidewalks and driveway is about as appealing as leftover hair on the bathroom sink after a shave. Do yourself and your neighbors a favor- clean it up. Your first impulse might be to reach for an outdoor broom, but nobody has time for that manual nonsense. The Dadvice would be to invest in a cordless high performance blower. If it’s as easy as pushing a power button and waving the blower over the grassy or leafy surface, there’s no excuse. Ditch the dirty looks from your HOA or neighbors and put a little more effort into your lawn maintenance.

No matter what your dilemma may be, whether in life or beyond, there is always some useful Dadvice to fit your situation or file away for another (rainy) day. Have a fresh cut piece of advice of your own that you would like to share with the rest of the Hoover family? We would love to hear your story. Share your most useful Dadvice with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok or Twitter.