Pot Twist: 3 Low Maintenance House Plants with Surprising Benefits

Pot Twist: 3 Low Maintenance House Plants with Surprising Benefits

Our effortless guide to a green thumb and some unforgettable cleaning tips to go with it.

There is a blossoming fascination in pop horticulture lately and that lovingly points to plants. Specifically, house plants. You may have noticed snake plants, pothos, and monstera are getting a lot of love in both art, home decor and even fashion circles. These plants may be trending for their natural and vibrant aesthetic but they also offer some surprising, science-backed perks that you and your home can benefit from like improved air quality or decreased stress levels. For those green thumbs with a natural affinity for gardening, we salute you. But for some of us, keeping something alive that has so many rules and preferences can be intimidating.

Before you reach for a faux version, here is a low maintenance list of leafy options that may inspire you to dive into your nearest plant nursery hands first:


These bite sized plants could easily be the beloved pet rocks of this generation. They stoically sit on a window ledge, dresser or in your bathroom not needing too much attention or moisture. They make great party favors and add instant design cred to any space in need of something green.

Our pick: Aloe vera. It has powerful antioxidants to combat UV damage and early signs of aging. Some people use it topically to soothe sunburns, treat acne or enhance their nighttime moisturizing routine. If you tend to over water your plants, aloe is here to also soothe your anxiety of forgetting to fill up your watering can. When preparing your plant for your home, a terracotta type pot with a generous drainage hole works best so that the soil gets a chance to dry out. Too much moisture can encourage rot or mold so ditch the plastic container it came in. Now that you’ve got your hands and probably your kitchen counter good and dirty, it’s time to reach for a crazy easy tool to lend a hand with clean-up. Potting soil can be tricky, especially when it’s slightly damp to capture but a ONEPWR Dust Chaser will be the lightweight hero here. Even if some soil made it on the floor, or around the trash can, the narrow nozzle and powerful suction will quickly reset those spaces back to their dirt-free selves.

Spider Plants

No need to freak out, no actual spiders to worry about here. Just a helpful houseplant to freshen up your space and the indoor air that you breathe. Now, it would take a jungle’s worth of foliage to produce enough plant power to sufficiently purify the air from these common VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), but a few houseplants can improve the overall air quality inside your home.

Spider plants are easy to grow, care for and naturally purify the air of lingering formaldehyde or xylene pollutants that could be irritating to sensitive homebodies. For forgetful first-time plant parents, we recommend introducing a spider plant to your home office or living room. If you often find yourself forgetting to water your plant, order more vacuum bags, or simply don’t feel like hopping in the car for some extra errand that didn’t make it on your last store run, we also recommend signing up for a worry-free subscription service for replacement vacuum bags and carpet cleaning formula refills. You get what you need, before you run out, without having to keep up with it. Just like the spider plant, the Refill and Chill program has low maintenance written all over it.

    Snake Plants

It’s not a real snake, but your pets may still want to play with it. Macrame hangers are back in vogue and we’re loving it. The act of gardening has its own benefits too. Encountering nature and living things has a therapeutic effect on us humans. Studies show that the snake plant can be a botanical buffer for stress, attention deficits and even loneliness. But before you stock up, snake plants have a tendency to sprout new growth, repotting is one of the adulting duties with this kind of plant. Handling dirt and fostering little snake plants into their own pot is considered a nurturing activity that releases serotonin, which everyone knows is the happy chemical in our brains. Who knew that making a mess could actually relieve some stress? That said, having a cordless vacuum like the ONEPWR Evolve is a quick and easy way to clean up once the mess loses its fun factor. If your pet was extra playful with the dirt, make sure to pretreat with any of these products and make sure to place the plant up higher.

Bonus perk to houseplants: Macrame hangers are back in vogue and we’re loving it. The act of gardening has its own benefits too. Encountering nature and living things has a therapeutic effect on us humans. House plants can be a beneficial, low-maintenance addition to almost any home. All it takes is a touch of love and a little clean up from time to time.


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