National Hot Tea Month



January is the doorway into each new year, new traditions, and new commitments. It's also a month filled with cold, dark, and sometimes downright dreary winter days. It's no wonder January is also known as National Hot Tea Month in the US: after all, it is the perfect warm and cozy drink to bring in a chilly new year!  

As a tasty herbal concoction, tea is an easy, healthy way to boost your immune system and improve heart health. But tea is also pretty powerful brew outside the teacup. Seriously! Here are some of the best cleaning tricks using tea you need to know about.

Use Steeped Tea as a Glass Cleaner


Tea is a great substitute for your typical glass cleaner. Why? Simple: it works great, smells great, and it's easy to make.  


  1. Steep 3-4 bags of black tea in boiled hot water for 10-15 minutes (the longer its steeped, the more effective!).  
  2. Allow to cool then put into a clean spray bottle.
  3. Apply your new tea solution to the glass.
  4. Wipe the mess away.


So, why black tea? In general, tea contains a chemical called tannin: a common, safe and natural chemical found in plants. After steeping the tea, these tannins will act like a bonding agent and grab hold of small particles. When used on glass, this action will help to remove dirt and grime.


While in all teas by nature, tannin most potent in black tea. For example, green tea would still work for you in a pinch, but opt for black tea when you can.


Use Tea Bags on Sticky Spills


Have you ever had a countertop mess like syrup, butter or even dried egg yolk? If you run out of kitchen cleaner, then black tea can help clean these sticky pills in a pinch.  

  1. Steep a bag of black tea in boiled water for 10 minutes.
  2. You can then use the bag itself to clean up the mess if you don't have a sponge or paper towel on hand.
  3. Once the sticky mess is gone, follow with a wipe down of clean water.


Now that you're armed with these tea-infused cleaning hacks,
cozy up to a teacup of our favorite teas:


Darjeeling tea:  Known for a fruity, delicate notes, this tea is often enjoyed without sugar or milk. Famous for its calming effects, it allows you to reduce stress and put the day's worries behind you. Give it a try when you're in need of a recharge after a long day.  


Matcha tea: This super popular green tea boosts countless health benefits. When combined with a healthy lifestyle and good diet, matcha creates awesome heart health support. This tea best in the morning: it'll help kick off the day by making you more alert as well as being a pleasant sunrise treat!


Earl Gray: If you aren’t already a tea drinker, earl gray is a great tea to start with. This is a traditional and popular tea that is easy to find in your local stores, but it also is known for its distinct citrus flavor. You might recognize the flavor because it is used in many other tea blends, chocolates, baking goods and even mixed drinks. This is a good tea to drink in the evening while watching a show, reading a book, or having dinner.