How to: Refresh Your Microwave


How to: Refresh Your Microwave

  • No matter how hard you try, keeping the microwave clean from sauce splatters to burnt popcorn odors and everything in between can be a challenge. Next time your microwave needs some TLC, skip the endless handfuls of wet paper towels and try this instead.

  • You'll need:

    • a medium sized, microwave-safe bowl
    • vinegar, lemon, or dish soap
    • water


Pour a mixture of 1 cup water to 1/4 cup vinegar or dish soap (if using lemon, a half slice will work!) into the microwave-safe bowl.



Microwave for 5 minutes to activate the solution or citrus slices, then let sit for 5 more minutes. Allowing it to sit an additional few minutes will not only ensure the mixture had a chance to completely diffuse along the inside of the microwave, but will also allow the bowl to cool off a bit. Be careful not to touch the bowl with your bare hands when removing it!  


Give the inside of the microwave a quick wipe down if there are any bits of food remaining, and enjoy your refreshed microwave!