Cents and Sensibility: Smart Investments You Can Make Right Now

Cents and Sensibility: Smart Investments You Can Make Right Now

Finding a good deal worth taking can be a delicious high for you- it’s only human. The combination of finding something of value and at a good price just hits the spot every time and we totally understand the science behind it. The fact that “deal seeking doesn't seem to stem from necessity,” but actually a deeper sense of “feeling smart,” makes total sense. Shopping feels good, but shopping during a sale is practically nirvana for our dopamine “feel good” receptors. But not everything that is on sale is a necessity, let alone a smart investment. Whether you are diligently waiting for your window to bid on ebay or score big during a hyped- up sales event, don’t put your dollars down in haste. Not all the glitters is gold and will likely be ignored or resented. Remember, REGRETFREE is not a valid promo code and probably won’t make you any happier.

For a dose of dopamine, but also a polite dose of reality, check out our smart buy picks:

A multi-surface floor cleaner

If you're a pet owner, the Impulse- is a fantastic buy. Pets don’t withhold their love just on the floors, so why should your tools be limited in their cleaning reach? Hair, kibble, and dust can travel far beyond the floor so this lightweight device is ready to roll on any surface. Quickly pick up pet hair on your area rugs as a stick vacuum or rescue your kitchen floor from a cereal explosion. The smart thing about this investment is you get the untethered, cordless clean from a stick plus a full tool kit you typically expect from an upright. The Impulse cordless stick vacuum is practically the swiss army knife of the cleanin community. For extra peace of mind, you can discreetly store it in small spaces and it just takes up the same amount of real estate as a broom.

A solid carpet washer

This honor goes to the Smartwash Pet. You could rent a bulky, used carpet shampooer, but why would you want to? Invest in your own unit and bring the cleaning technology in-house. Don’t risk giving the stain time to settle in and get comfy in the carpet fibers. If you have the carpet cleaner close by, those happy accidents won’t stand a chance. If you know the basics of vacuuming, your muscle memory won’t fail you here. Simply wash and rinse by pushing forward and pull back to dry. The innovative Spot Chaser feature gives you the handheld power to pretreat stains so you can get back to life pre-spill. Pair it with a cleaning solution bundle of your choice and you will be unstoppable.

Smart self-care

You know what else feels good? Getting back to you. Once the work is done, it’s time for some well deserved downtime. Congratulate yourself on investing in those sensible spends by investing back into your own self care. The guests are gone, the sale is over and all there is left is an unopened bubble bath with your name on it. Go ahead, do the smart and selfless thing and brush up on the art of doing nothing this weekend.

A cordless vacuum

The ONEPWR collection has everything you could possibly need for a cordless clean. So you’re in the process of shopping for some home essentials but don’t necessarily need a full on upright vacuum. This entire family of cordless products have some shared perks. They all are cordless, powerful, lightweight, easy to use, and any of them would make a smart purchase. Restore your car’s interior after a grassy adventure to the dog park, de-fur your living room ottoman in a snap or simply do a quick once over before company comes over. If you have to plug it in, you’re wasting time. With a lithium powered cordless vacuum you can champion a carefree clean whenever and wherever you want it. Make sure your cart includes one of these ONEPWR powerhouses so you can get back to arranging your show-stopping charcuterie board.


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