3 Things I Hate to Clean: The Best Vacuum to Get Me Through It

3 Things I Hate to Clean: The Best Vacuum to Get Me Through It

Did you know that you will probably spend the equivalent of between 61 to 69 days vacuuming in your lifetime? According to a recent survey, most people spend half an hour per week vacuuming their house. That does sound like a big time investment, right? Some cleaning experts, like the adorably sweet and savvy Marie Kondo have written entire self-help books outlining “the life-changing magic of tidying up,” but also boldly believe that the best way to do so is quickly. We all can agree that opening up one of her folded t-shirt drawers is soul satisfying. But even the founder of the Konmari method herself believes that “tidying is not the purpose of life.” That shines some light on my hesitation in cleaning these three things on a daily basis.


Anyone who knows me can attest to my general dislike of dusting as a chore. It’s tedious to an impatient person like me who would rather wash a sink full of dishes before moving all my belongings, dusting, sneezing and then moving them all back again. To all my allergy sufferers, we are all on the same page on this one. I also know I’m past due if my toddler starts randomly handing me large dust bunnies. As cute as he is, I find a freshly plucked flower more endearing. Thankfully, there’s a tool that doesn’t push or poke the dust around the room, but captures it instead. The Dust Chaser with its HEPA filter is a cordless champion for dust, pet dander and any other allergens floating around. I love my cats but I don’t particularly want to live in their furry leftovers. Picking up items may still be required to get a thorough clean with your handheld, but it’s a lot less riskier than juggling a dust rag and your family heirlooms all in one hand.


It’s amazing how much of a mess a little person can make. I’m talking crumbs as I’m looking at my toddler. Crumbs are tricky and watching the thin, broom dustpan line get thinner and thinner after every stroke but never really going away is about the most unsatisfying thing on earth. Motherhood has rewired my brain to choose the easiest yet most efficient route to anything I invest my energy in. It’s a practical instinct but finding a companion tool that can keep up with my sweet messmaker can be a challenge. I’m looking for a quick fix that doesn’t break my back either, because I think I’ve already pulled something trying to wrestle him into his 4th back up outfit of the day. I also want a powerful clean because he didn’t just drop his crackers on the carpet, he stepped on them for good measure. When I open my closet I automatically reach for my ONEPWR Evolve because it does what I want to plus some extra bonuses. If I need a lightweight but powerful clean up after a spirited snack-time I enjoy having this cordless vacuum step in as a co-parent so that I can get back to my son’s next curious adventure.

  Car Interior

I adore being in the driver’s seat. Whether we are traveling to visit family or I’m running errands solo, the car is one of my happy places. Now, fast forward to returning from the beach with souvenir sand in every crevice, or a playground romp that brings in some unwanted grass and dried mud. After I put down my iced coffee in defeat, I remember I have a Blade Max Cordless Vacuum sitting in the garage that’s ready to use. If I could write a love letter to a vacuum, this would be it. I love how it’s cordless and a quick (and fairly painless) way to rid my car from food, dirt and whatever pet hair my dog left for me. Whatever I am cleaning, I can easily switch between modes to match the hard surfaces (eco) or increase the level of suction needed for the carpeted mats (carpet). The kit includes helpful tools that go where the dirt hides---like in between the seat cushions and tricky cup holder reservoirs.

    The Deep Clean

What if I challenged myself to focus on the things I actually enjoy doing versus the impending dread that comes with dusting my bookshelves? What if I also embraced each mess as an opportunity to make memories or have a good laugh? Who doesn’t get a kick out of watching your kid get friendly with his chocolate ice cream and the bath time fun immediately after? Isn’t a floor filled with glitter evidence of a great party? It is possible that you can receive joy from organizing or cleaning, (or me not so much) but the ultimate joy to be had is in the living. While a vacuum cleaner can’t help me with the dishes, I know these tools were designed to make my messes more manageable and in this case, a mini step closer to living my best life (and getting those 2 months back I apparently spent vacuuming).

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