Model # BH14000V

ONEPWR CleanSlate Cordless Spot Cleaner

  • Erase tough-colored stains like pasta sauce, coffee and wine1
  • Same cleaning power as corded CleanSlate when using Boost Mode
  • Deep clean carpets, upholstery and auto interiors with full portability
  • Full removable dirty water tank lid, removeable bristles and the included hose rinse tool allow for hassle-free clean up
  • Hushtone™ technology delivers a quieter clean without compromising performance
1with Hoover oxy formula
ONEPWR CleanSlate Cordless Spot Cleaner

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Experience complete freedom with the Hoover ONEPWR CleanSlate cordless spot cleaner powered by the ONEPWR™ battery system. Get whole-home portability with uncompromised power delivering the same deep clean for up to 25 minutes of continuous run time. Boost Mode offers 25% more suction and 20% more liquid recovery with each pass, blasting away tough, colored stains like wine, pasta sauce and coffee on all your carpeted upholstery surfaces in the home and in the car.

Accessories include a tight spot tool for hard-to-reach spaces and a 7” WidePath Tool with interchangeable rubber nubs and bristles that scrub away embedded stains, perfect for large areas like cushions and stairs. Our quiet Hushtone™ System includes a brushless motor and creates a serene cleaning experience, keeping ONEPWR CleanSlate quiet without sacrificing power. The easy-empty dirty water tank and built-in hose rinse tool keeps clean-up hassle-free.

  • BUILT-IN SPOTLIGHT™ Integrated light shines on spots and stains to get a clear view of messes in hard-to-see areas like car interiors or under furniture
  • EASY TO EMPTY, EASY TO CLEAN Fully removable dirty water tank lid, removeable bristles and the included hose rinse tool provide everything you need for hassle-free clean-up, after cleaning
  • ADVANCED BRUSHLESS MOTOR DESIGN 20V CleanSlate’s compact, brushless motor uses advanced technology for a premium high-power experience. Paired with Hushtone technology this motor is powerful, long-lasting and quiet
  • ONEPWR CORDLESS BATTERY SYSTEM Compatible with all Hoover ONEPWR™ batteries
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