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Always Buy Authorized

We are committed to selling our products through our trusted Authorized Dealer network. Only purchases from a Hoover Authorized Dealer will be supported by our warranty program!

There are many unauthorized dealers that sell Hoover products without the trusted Authorized stamp of approval. These products may not have undergone our strict quality control process and could fail to meet the high standards of excellence and reliability you can except from Hoover.

Always Buy From An Authorized Hoover Dealer

When making a Hoover purchase, especially online, make sure you see the Authorized Dealer badge. The Hoover Warranty Program will not honor products that are purchased through an unauthorized dealer. These unauthorized products are not backed up by the high quality standards and dependability that Hoover provides. Buying from an unauthorized dealer could land you a Hoover product that is fake, stolen, or a remanufactured item being listed as new.

Hoover proudly sells its products through a carefully selected network of Authorized Dealers. If you purchase through one of our Authorized Dealer partners, you can be sure you are receiving the latest innovation and uncompromising quality that you can expect from Hoover. Beware of those who claim to be authorized dealers but are not in fact part of our Authorized Dealers network!